Changing Careers

Dear Lorelei,

Changing careers. Giving up the known for the unknown.

Yeah, I know what you mean about it being difficult and challenging and frightening and exciting all at once.

Of course, I switched careers for a different reason, possibly a selfish one, but I do understand a bit of what you're going through.

By the time I finally figured out that I wanted to a different career, I was nearing my 30th birthday and had been chasing a corporate career for almost 10 years.

Unlike you, I traded one career for an equally unsatisfying one, in part because it seemed, well, indulgent, to say that I wanted to write for a living.

I suppose because it conjures up in most people's minds the idea of grandeur by the writer.

It wasn't event that I expected to become a famous novelist, or a rich screenwriter. I simply wanted to spend my 9-5 writing in different creative forms. Ones that I had a passion for.

And here you are about to step back into life as a student. I think it's awesome. And awe-inspiring!!

Tell me all about your first few weeks.