On the page


I'm sorry it's been a while. I've been busy writing a new novel and it takes so much of my energy as you know, and I am sorry that you've been dealing with family issues that have kept you from your own creative pursuits.

I am feeling better now and I after re-reading your last email, I say about the conversation that you had with your mother is this: writer Clive Barker once described that type of response as "English silence." He defined this silence as "polite, but devastating."

We often refer to this as "what remains unsaid."

I find that type of silence irritating, but also rude. I mean, I make the effort to carry on a conversation despite any real interest in the topic the other party finds so enchanting, why can't she? I have to steel myself from slamming the telephone receiver into its cradle. In the past, I have. lol.

You are still searching for your "voice" as they say.

Please believe me when I say that you will find your voice "on the page."