A list of regrets


As you know, I regret not attending university.

For me, so many other things about my high school homework days remain the same. I will work in front of the television, and I don't always do as well as I could. When I'm writing in my home office, I find myself staring off into space or out the window, just as I remember doing in English class.

Speaking of English class, do you know that I have three text books (one for each year of study!)?

Yep. Among the dozens upon dozens of hardcover books on four bookshelves (seriously) sit Lord of the Flies, Romeo and Juliet, and Merchant of Venice.

I must have told my English teacher that I had forgotten them. They didn't track text books in those days, like they do now.

How odd, though, don't you think, that these are the only things I have from that time in my life? (I tossed my high school year books long ago.)

If you're starting to second-guess your decision, I'd say you're already re-living one of your regrets and by doing so, you've managed to right a wrong decision.

Will making a list of regrets serve any purpose? I dunno, but it might be freeing to so that you've accomplished so much more than you think you did.

My own list of regrets is long. And each year it becomes shorter.

I promise you that you'll feel stronger for having removed at least one item from the list.