Seeing my self as you do, as a writer

From: valerie poulin
Re: Impact as a verb

Hi Heather,

Thank you, my friend.

It's true, I find it difficult to separate my personal life from my professional life, but it's only on my good days that I consider myself a writer.

I don't know why I am so hung up on it. I mean, I earn my living by writing. And still, after all these years, it's business writing isn't it, not creative writing. Although some might argue that corporate communications is a form of creative writing.

You must have experienced that yourself, earlier in your career, or was it easy to do because you had artistic and commercial success at once?

You say you were young, restless, and searching for something more, that it took you years to find it, but I remember the confidence you had. In your art, and your self. It was remarkable to watch. And truth be told, I was envious of it. I wanted so much what you had and I lacked.

Now, I am an apprentice and a practicing writer, but don't yet feel as if I've been initiated into the sisterhood of authors.

Yes, I've been purposefully vague about the writing forms I prefer. I guess it's because I'm not yet sure what form I best work in. I am grateful to have tried my hand at, and been published in, different forms, but I am not sure which I am better at.

Gosh, what if it's poetry?