Junk mail


This is indeed how we connect now.

Where once it was clubs, pubs, and bars, before that high school and cruising the strip (remember my mom's yellow Ford Fairmont?) on Friday and Saturday nights.

Yes, these were shared experiences, but I don't find that moving to different cities and retreating to family life (and away from old friendships) has done our relationship much damage. Sure, we missed a few milestone moments in each other's lives, but isn't it awesome to meet up on the other side of 40?

Those milestones--marriages, babies, career successes--aren't what deepens friendship just because they're not shared in person. What's more, we have changing interests, we've developed a love of deeper conversations, and we enjoy lighter moments because we don't take ourselves as seriously as we once did.

We have more insight and wisdom and a clearer sense of who were are. At least, that's my philosophy.

And as much as I love your daily email messages, I've got to ask you to stop forwarding me junk email!