No crisis, no growth?


As a follow-up, I sometimes think that I've lived my life in mediocrity as a result.

I'm an "A" student bringing home "C" grades because I don't apply myself. I've given up without even trying.

I suppose that my idea of an "easy life" is more around what gives me freedom to pursue art unencumbered by domestic necessities, a day job, and complicated relationships.

For that, I'd need a full-time domestic worker, a patron or wealthy supporter, and no emotional ties. I don't and likely won't ever have those things and that's my burden.

No crisis, but no growth.

And no, I didn't mean that your current challenge of trying to create a family is anything other than what it is: challenging, frustrating, heartbreaking.

When it comes to the emotional toil this is taking on you, my imagination is limited.