Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean!!!

Moving on has always been difficult for me, too. I find goodbyes tremendously difficult because of the emotional shift it causes. The word carries with it such finality, too.

For the past decade I've been working as a contract writer working on three, six, and eight-month assignments and I still find it awkward to leave at the end of each contract.

Of course, it's easy to say goodbye to those I failed to bond with during the life of the contract, or with the demanding boss. That was a cinch.

Even if I kept in touch with these colleagues and close acquaintances, eventually I'd lose touch, but I would much rather lose contact slowly over a period of time than crate a severe, immediate break.

That's what I think you may be going through, L.

The corporate restructuring is immediate and severe. It's a strike to your personal as well as your professional confidence.

Don't rush it.

The drifting apart of relationship are much easier.

Emery will tell you that. (She experienced many of the same feelings that you describe).

It may be "only a job" to some, but to you it was a career and you need this time between jobs to grieve.

If you want some help with your resume, let me know. Working through your accomplishments may be a very good reminder of your value, especially now when you are feeling devalued.

Let me know.