Accepting apologies, even overdue ones


I know that you would. And I am sorry, I wasn't thinking when I referred to "cheating boyfriends."

I was only trying to make the point that losing a relationship, any relationship is difficult and that friendship lost due to the deceitful actions of a female friend can be as traumatic as discovering that your spouse is having an affair.

It's tough because we've been out of touch for a while, so there's that.

I'm glad you feel this way and have to confess that I said you might be open to it. Hope you're okay.

Cheating boyfriends


No, I didn't mean anything by that remark.

I know that you felt as if I sided with Caroline when all that stuff was happening with Dave, but even after all this time, you have to know that I was impartial.

It was very sad for me to watch two of my friends fall out over a guy.

I do know what a difficult predicament it was for you. And yes, the heart wants what it wants and all that and everything worked out in the end, but I was left to pick up the pieces with Caro.

She didn't rebound as quickly. In part because I don't think that she saw it coming. Whereas, you understood that there would be fall-out.

Yes, I think you should tell her. Even after all this time, it would be nice for her to hear that you understand how difficult it must have been for you.

I know that she'd be thankful to hear that you get it.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Again

Dear Lisa,

There are always signs, but we seem to see them only in hindsight. Why is that?

Breaking up is hard to do, I agree, and just as with romantic relationships the break-up can sting.

A friendship in a downward spiral can be as difficult to deal with as a cheating boyfriend.

When the relationship is on a downhill slide, your sense of self will suffer at that hands of a gossiping, disloyal friend.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this.