Cheating boyfriends


No, I didn't mean anything by that remark.

I know that you felt as if I sided with Caroline when all that stuff was happening with Dave, but even after all this time, you have to know that I was impartial.

It was very sad for me to watch two of my friends fall out over a guy.

I do know what a difficult predicament it was for you. And yes, the heart wants what it wants and all that and everything worked out in the end, but I was left to pick up the pieces with Caro.

She didn't rebound as quickly. In part because I don't think that she saw it coming. Whereas, you understood that there would be fall-out.

Yes, I think you should tell her. Even after all this time, it would be nice for her to hear that you understand how difficult it must have been for you.

I know that she'd be thankful to hear that you get it.