What brings us together? What keeps us apart?

Oh, Lisa, I couldn't agree more.

Thanks for listening.

These past few months, I'd begun to wonder what, or who, has kept us apart for so long. And I've marvelled at the strong bond that remains despite the passing years.

Distance and time have kept me apart from other friends of mine. You know what else? Other friends kept us apart. And boyfriends. And children. Then there's geographical distance. But the truth is, the other sides didn't always display interest in keeping the friendships going.

There was one relationship that comes to mind that is similar to the one you've experienced. This particular one was already on the rocks, but after a period of estrangement, we ended up working in the same office. Although it's hard to explain how our relationship had shifted and was showing signs of strain and then the critical moment. In hindsight, this is where the crack became a crevice. And it grew wider.

What precipitated the breaking apart of our friendship was my former friend's interest in having an affair with a co-worker. While she was no longer in love with her husband, and I have no doubt that the marriage was over long before the children came along, I still thought that a love affair before legally separating from her husband was a mistake.

There was a moment   and this stays with me   when I had the opportunity to support her decision without agreeing with her actions and I failed.

In that failure, I failed our friendship.